Linda has been sewing since a very early age. She first learned to sew from her mother who was a tailor and avid seamstress and learned from a very early age. Linda’s mom Evelyn, learned from her aunt who was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Back in Stockholm all young girls learned to tailor and be an avid seamstress almost before they could walk.

When Linda was growing up, her mom did not think she learned sewing well because she had such a mind of her own. However, found out as the years went on that Linda listened more then she had thought. Therefore, Linda learned not only from her Tailor mom but also at school and Home Economics class, which I guess now a-days is called Family Consumer Science.

Linda always had a love of music, theatre and sewing but gave them all up for many years due to time and raising her children alone. Since being unemployed has went back to her loves which is what she has always enjoyed the most. Now many friends have started to asking her to make purses for them and hence the business started.

Along the way Linda has also designed much of the home furniture, cabinets and decor according to her families needs, most of which have never been seen in any furniture store. She has copyrighted and patented all of her designs and they are available for purchase.