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DESIGNS by LINDA SILVER Welcome to Designs by Linda Silver

Handmade Purses designed especially for you lined with the same fabric as you choose for the outside of the purse or made less expensive with a thick satin or knit lining. You choose the color, needed pockets, size, zippers and I will design a bag made just for you. No two purses are alike. Sturdy, long lasting, and washable if you would like. If no need for washing then frame will be inserted with hard board, not cardboard to keep shape. Price varies on chosen fabric cost and amount of pocket, size and whether would like same fabric inside or less expense fabric for lining. Please allow two to three weeks for completion could be sooner. Cost of custom purses is cost of supplies plus $50-$75 depending on size and specifications. Please contact Linda @ 515-259-0474 or email request at Email Linda